The National Symphony Orchestra of Ghana, A Zaria Music “Ghana” Production, 2015

Executive Producer: Dr. Adrian Nii Odoi Oddoye Snr, Akai House Clinic, Producer: Jonas Bibi Hammond, Project Coordinator: Allotey Bruce-Konuah

  • “Aburokyire Abrabo”
  • “Naa Densua”


Palm Wine Music in the 21st Century, A Zaria Music “Ghana” Production, 2015

Executive Producer: Dr. Adrian Nii Odoi Oddoye Snr, Akai House Clinic, Recording Engineer: Francis Kwakye, Producer: Jonas Bibi Hammond

  • “The Destiny of Man”
  • “Time has its Boundaries”
  • “Divorce is not the Answer”
  • “Mummy where is my Daddy”
  • “Life Overseas”
  • “Sawmill Song”
  • “Buy When Death Sells”
  • “Naa Densua”


Highlife Roots Revival, Riverboat Records, World Music Network, 2012

Executive Producer: Mary Hark, Recorded and Produced by Ben Mandelson, Special Consultant: Bill Kubeczko

  • “Sεε wonom me,- Tsetsefly You Suck My Blood”
  • “Old Man Plants a Coconut Tree”
  • “Integrity ( The Cat and the Dog)”
  • “Life Is What You Make It”
  • “Medley: Nation Building/Adampa”
  • “Medley: Ananse Song Story/ Bear What is The Matter with You/ Horn bill”
  • “Praise Song for Otumfuo Osei Tutu II”
  • “Yareε Yεya (To Be Taken Ill, How Painful)”
  • “Efie ne fie”
  • “Adowa/Palm Wine Set: You Will Be OverTaken by Events/ Listen, Listen and Listen Again”


Tete Wobi Ka: The Past has Something to Tell, Human Songs Records, 2011

Koo Nimo:  Guitar, Vocals, bells, talking drum, shaker; Osei Kwame: Seperewa, vocals, drum, bell, Kofi Annan: Drums Yaw Asare Amponsah: premprensiwa, talking drum, Marc Collier: Shaker, and Rick Welty: bell

  • “Abena”
  • “Ohia Yεya”
  • “Εnnε Yε Anigye Da”
  • “Boniayε kae Dabi”
  • “Abubε ne Atebε”
  • “Osei’s praise song”
  • “Moma Yεnsom no”


Osabarima, Adasa Records London, 1990

  • “Aburokyire Abrabo”
  • “Owusu Se M’amma”
  • “Otuo Akyeampong”
  • “Osabarima [Fiade mo ne ko]”
  • “Naa Denusa”
  • “Akora Dua Kube”
  • “Onipa behwe yie”


Koo Nimo at Lincoln Center, USA, Aquaitone - Brooklyn, 1989

All songs written by Koo Nimo and instrumentations provided by Khodjo Aquai. Lead, Vocal & Guitar: Koo Nimo; Rhythm Guitars: Prince Twumasi, Kwame Nkrumah; Background Vocals: Abena Manu, Glenda Ifill, William Obeng; Percussions: Noah Owusu, William Obeng, Buggs Niles; Drums: Noah Owusu, Friday Pozo; Keyboards & Synth: Khodjo Aquai.

  • “Nana Nyame Boa Me”
  • “Yesu Wuo (Nyame Sunsum)”
  • “Yaa Asantewaa [Efie ne fie]”
  • “Okwantuni [Kwantumi ye mmobo]”
  • “Kete Damu [Kete damu odede montie]”


King of Up-Up-Up, Boah, Kaye & Osei Tutu, 1988

Guitar and Vocals: Ko Nimo; Guitar Kofi Twumasi; Percussion and Seperewa: Noah; Vocals and percussion: Abena Manu, Odei Obeng.

  • “We Build Ghana Strong” [Akoko mon, birekuo mon]
  • “Which Way to the Future?” [Yebeye no denni]
  • “Nipa Nkrabea” (Destiny)
  • “God Listens to my Music
  • “Elephant’s Winter Cocktail” [Aburokyire abrabo]
  • “Seaboy in Love” [Seaboy money na puer]
  • “Hello, Hello, Hello” [Mito na lu lu no]
  • “Okomfo Annokye”
  • “Friday Night Penny” [Dagomba medley, Abotare, Friday night you ask me penny]
  • “Too much pride brings trouble” [Kwakuu donsu don]
  • “Time changes everything” [Kete demu odede montie]
  • “Yaa Asantewaa Woman Power” [Efie ne fie]


Ghana Osee Yie, Faisal Helwani, Recorded at Studio One, 1985

  • “Agya” [Owuo ton ade a to bi]
  • “Ohia Ye Ya”
  • “Ghana Osei Yie”
  • “Odo Akosomo”
  • “Dampa” [Adampa]


Odonson Nkoaa, Polygram West Africa, 1982

  • Odonson medley (“Da oke,” “Akosua Dampo,” “Owuo ton ade a to bi,” “Soya adwuma yeden”)
  • “Wiase Nsem Dooso”
  • “Nocturne” (Tribute to Ebenezer Laing)


Koo Nimo, with Dr. K. Gyasi and his Noble Kings, 1982

  • “Robert [Mensah] Wo Gyaa Yen” (Hi-Life in Akan)
  • “Gol’ Coas’,” by K. Gyasi, Kojo Donkor and Koo Nimo, Leader/Trumpet: Tom King. Guitarist: Koo Nimo, Organist: Kojo Donkor.
  • “Yerebere Aye Den” (Hi-Life in Akan)


Agya Koo Nimo, Apogee Solid State - Ghana, 1976

  • “Fiada Me Ne Ko, Osa Barima” (A Good Friday Song)
  • “Nana Otuo Akyampon” (In Memory of Kumawuhene)
  • “Aburokyrie Abrabo” (Overseas Life)
  • “Owusu se m’amma” (The Driver’s Lament)
  • “Naa Densua” (The unheedful wife)
  • “Akora Dua Kube” (The old man plants a coconut tree)
  • “Odonson” (Let Love Prevail)
  • “Nipa behwe yie na efi dee wahu” (Forewarned is forearmed)


Obi Aware Sem, Abena Akyigyina, Ghana Film FIC, 1973

  • “Ose M’Aye”
  • “Ataa Oblanyo”
  • “Ohia Ye Ya”
  • “Nana Afredua”


Koo Nimo and the Kumasi Adadam Group, Philips West Africa, 1969

  • “Okomfo Anokye,” Special release for Macelane. Guitar: Koo Nimo; Premprensiwa: Kwao Safo; Claves: J.K. Barwuah
  • “Samanadze [Abena],” Special release for Macelane. Guitar: Koo Nimo; Premprensiwa: Kwao Safo; Claves: J.K. Barwuah


Koo Nimo with Gyasi’s Guitar Band, Ghana Film, 1967

  • “Owuo Ton Ade a to Bi,” Written by Koo Nimo, Vocals: Koo Nimo and K. Gyasi.
  • “Owusu Se Mamma,” Written by Koo Nimo, Vocals: Koo Nimo and K. Gyasi.
  • “Nana Yaa,” Written by Koo Nimo, Vocals: Koo Nimo and K. Gyasi.
  • “Odonson,” Written by Koo Nimo, Vocals: Koo Nimo and K. Gyasi.


Koo Nimo with I. E.’s Band, Queenophone Records, 1954

  • Ghana Mann (Calypso-Twi)
  • Anoma Kole (Highlife-Twi)
  • Go Inside (Dagomba-Twi)
  • (Highlife-Twi)
  • Obi Die Aba (Mambo-Twi)
  • My Dear Comfort (Highlife-Twi)

  • Your palm wine music records an ageless history for the generations makes us high on life. In your tongue what at first seems passing, temporal, ephemeral, accumulates: like individual grains of sand becoming the spectacular architecture of the anthills, slowly, unseen, until the landscape is unimaginable without them.

    Professor Abena Busia, New Brunswick, USA

  • Agya Koo Nimo has been central to the success of the Brooklyn College Study Abroad to Ghana program and has had a tremendous impact on the Brooklyn College Abroad students and faculty who have been privileged to know him, work with him, and learn from him. I am happy to attest that he is a national and international treasure, and it is a personal joy to have been able to call him a friend and colleague for all these years.

    Lynda R. Day, Ph.D., New York, USA

  • Koo was not simply a traditional musician, but a worldly and well-versed proponent of Ghanaian traditions and culture who was widely recognized and respected. I am always especially impressed that Koo was such a champion of traditional music while at the same time deeply connected with Ghanaian popular music history.

    Chris Lesser, Melbourne, Australia

  • His strengths lie in composition and performance in unique contemporary and traditional contexts: understanding the deep structures of traditional African music, Palm Wine guitar and ensemble styles, Highlife/Jazz, and storytelling with guitar and vocals, including spoken word, poetry, and song.

    Royal Hartigan Ph.D., Massachusetts, USA

  • The personality Koo Nimo is a rare artist, philosopher and teacher. Eloquent in Asante and English, Agya Koo has sung his way across the world and lectured in several universities, where he brings Ghanaian wit and wisdom to life, with words and fingers.

    Professor Kwesi Yankah, Accra, Ghana

  • “You will be a great musician,” you told me. The words wrapped themselves around something in my heart, and something in my heart wrapped itself around the words. Neither will let go; and the rain still paints perfect squares on the cement, and I think of you still and often, and dance still and often to your music, which flows like water.

    Ethan Kogan, Ilinois, USA

  • His allowing me to share a little of my gift with him buoyed up my life so much while I was in Ghana. Not only for me and the others who have had the pleasure of hearing and seeing him, but he is a national treasure for Ghanaians. My hope is that they know how fortunate they are to be passing through life while Agya Koo Nimo is in the world.

    Quanda Johnson, New York, USA